Helix Jump Unblocked

Use mouse to move the platform left or right and find a clear spot for the ball to fall down.

Your mission is to help the jumping ball reach the bottom in each level of the game. Avoid hitting black and red sectors or you will die. The game is becomming more and more difficult as you progress. Use power-ups to gain high speed and break the sectors of the platforms and reach bottom faster.

Helix Jump : Game Description

Helix Jump

Sometimes games with a pretty simple gameplay and idea become super popular and I think that Helix Jump is among those games. When you browse the screenshots of the game you just don't understand why this game is so popular but as soon as you start playing it, you become addicted. Even though that the game has a simple gameplay it is on the top of it's popularity now, played by thousands of people all around the world every day. Initially, the game was developed for smartphones but due to the growing popularity, the developers decided to release a web browser version too. At our website you can play the full version of the Helix Jump Unblocked at school for free.

How To Play Helix Jump?

You control a small jumping ball which has to be taken down to the finish line. The platform which you can see can be moved left or right, so there will be enough space for the ball to fall down. Your mission is to make the combo - make the ball fall down through several platforms and get bonus speed. You can also try to get the speed-up icon to get additional power for your ball. The one thing that you have to avoid is the red or black sectors of the platform. If your ball hits them, you will start the level from the beginning. Keep in mind that the game is becoming more and more difficult as you progress so there is a lot of fun waiting for you in this game.

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